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School Provision Information

At some point during secondary education, most students have need of support for a wide ranging variety of issues.

• We can work alongside you to create a bespoke service that fits your needs.

• Because we keep overheads to a minimum, you get value for money.

• We have considerable experience of a service working in schools and similar organisations, allowing us to function with minimal disruption to normal day to day working practices.

• There is preliminary evidence to suggest that pupils involved have improved attendance and reduced exclusion rates.

• Even without such empirical data head-teachers who have employed our services express a belief that results are tangible for those pupils worked with, and no institution has reduced its hours. They have either maintained their hours or sought to increase them.

• An extensive working knowledge of external support agencies means that when young people need information, advice or support in addition to their counselling it is possible to engage the appropriate agency.

• No faceless, nameless bureaucracy – you have immediate contact with the people who run it. As part of our initial discussions with us you are given a contact telephone number to use should you to want to talk about any aspect of our services.

• At all times the actions of our counsellors with regards to Child Protection issues will be dictated to by your institutions Child Protection officer.

• Child Protection is central to our work and is continually monitored and supervised.

• All of the institutions we have worked with have noticed unexpected benefits from the occasional advocacy role that has grown from the relationship between the young person and the counsellor. This has allowed mediation between young people and staff and / or young people and parents to occur.

• The DFES is currently developing a strategy for promoting emotional literacy in schools ( which they call social and emotional competence) and will shortly be preparing guidance on the importance of this work for learning, well being and behaviour. Our organisation is a member of Antidote, the campaign for emotional literacy, who are members of the Practitioners Group, that has been set up to move the strategy forward. We can help you to formulate policy and practice in this inevitable development for schools, which may extend beyond the counselling of young people into areas such as: - INSET training for staff, PSHE lessons, drop-in & after school sessions and counselling / non line management supervision for staff. [ This is strongly recommended for any professionals working substantial hours in a one to one situation with young people. ]

• Our counselling service is fundamentally person centred, focussing primarily on the therapeutic nature of positive relationship building. However in recognition of the needs of young people and the demands of their environment we frequently use cognitive techniques as these often speed up the process of personal development.

• We cater our service to your environment, negotiating use of rooms, referral procedures, removal from classes, review frequency and style, working times and duration, and Child Protection liaison.

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