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What service user’s have said

Mr. Douglas Bruce (Headteacher of Lathom High School) has described the impact of this intervention as: “ remarkable and immensely valuable.” The schools have been able to move the dialogue with the child “ from confrontational and punitive to something resembling the warmth and ease of normal human relations. The process of developing trust with the child can be long but is never unsuccessful. The results of this approach are never spectacular; behaviour is never transformed but avenues of communication are opened up and the benefits of this are spectacular.” In working practice the concrete results of such a philosophy have led to schools seeing a move from “ crude, institutionalised, one-size-fits-all factory production to something a little more sensitive and individually tailored. It has a long way to go but there is no doubt that person centred counselling will have a major role to play. This is a fantastically exciting time to be involved in, and see the conjunction of, both worlds”

“ Julie really helped me get over my parents splitting up – counselling really helped.” (Lesley, aged 15)

“ Counselling helped me through my mum’s death and after getting bullied. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. “ (Rachel, aged 13)

“ Counselling is important because it’s confidential and has helped me gain confidence in myself, and helped me with my time in school. “ (Liam, aged 15)

“ Counselling isn’t for everyone, the first time I went I very sceptical about it all. I thought it would never work for me. I thought: ‘She doesn’t know anything about what’s going through my head. How can she? ‘ But she did. Counselling helped me work through my issues and see that life was still worth living. It gave me someone to talk to who did understand and doesn’t judge you for something that you’ve said. The best part about it all was that I’d made a really great friend from it in the end.”
(Jane, now aged 17)

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