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Charges and Pay rates.

Private counsellors tend to charge between £25 and £40 per hour. It is our experience that the appropriate qualifications and commitment cannot be purchased for less than this pay band. Therefore we have devised the following competitive charge and pay rates. We wish to remain flexible and respond to the needs of your organisation, so if options below do not meet your exact requirements please call us to discuss.

Charge Options:

Option 1. £40 for 1 hour for work with one named child for a minimum of a 6 week block. Charge will still have to be made if sufficient cancellation notification is not given.

Option 2. £35 for 1 hour for a 6 week block open to any young person referred by the organisation. Therefore no cancellation charge should apply.

Option 3. £30 per hour on a sessional basis ( min. 2 hrs. in a day) open to any referred young person. Again a minimum of 6 weeks work applies.

Option 4. £40 per 1½ hour non line management supervision session.

Pay rates to counsellors – See above charge chart. Whichever option is chosen by the organisation subtract £10 per hour to cover supervision, training and administration.

As counsellors are employed on a self employed basis, income tax and N.I. contributions are the counsellor’s responsibilities.

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