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As a counsellor, why would you benefit from working with us?

Of course there are many counsellors working independently in various organisations, delivering a quality service. In this agency however you would reap the benefits of:

• A collegiate approach where your opinions can help to shape future delivery, policy and practice.

• Support within a team working in a similar highly specialised field.

• Prompt payment per counselling hour.

• The opportunity to expand theoretical understanding of young people in our society.

• Inbuilt supervision (1 to 1 and group supervision, as required).

• In-house training opportunities, covering such areas as self-harm, eating disorders, bereavement, anger management and others.

• Training, support and guidance available over the Child Protection issues that will inevitably present themselves as part of this work.

• Negotiable work settings and times.

• An opportunity to be part of a service for which there is little formal provision and yet massive need.

• Because we keep overheads to a minimum, you get the best service and rates of pay.

• No faceless, nameless bureaucracy – you have immediate contact with the people who run it.

• Never a dull moment working with young people!

What we would like to see in an application from a counsellor seeking work with us:

Curriculum Vitae. A brief outline of experience - any current positions held.

Minimum level 3 Advanced diploma. Copy required.

Contact telephone number ( and email if available).

Counselling Indemnity Insurance. Original required.

If you have evidence of Police clearance please include, otherwise don’t worry we can arrange it.

Experience of working with young people in such a setting is NOT essential, but some desire to have done so should be demonstrated.

Any specific areas of expertise or qualifications you could bring to our work.

Email info@teenagecounselling.co.uk
Marshlands House - 348 Ormskirk Rd - Wigan - Lancs - WN5 9DD
Tel 01942 519248