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Our Core Beliefs and Philosophy

We believe that person centred counselling is of benefit to the vast majority of children and adolescents.

It is the quality and nature of the relationship between the counsellor and the young person that is therapeutic, whether this is long term, to build self esteem, self awareness and self confidence or shorter term to address specific issues such as divorce, bereavement or trauma.

As with all forms of counselling, the highest levels of confidentiality, within the bounds of Child Protection laws, should be offered at all times. Therapeutic practice necessitates this, and whilst unlike the counselling of adults, elements of nurture, support and guidance are present in the counselling of young people, they do not over-ride the fundamental right to confidentiality. Record keeping is kept only to identify client, date and duration of the sessions.

We believe that work with children and adolescents can be deceptively difficult, and delicate; therefore we only work with counsellors who have the highest levels of qualifications and personal qualities.

Self referral is the most successful form, but on occasions where referral is made by adults the voluntary participation of the young person is vital.

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