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About Us

Julie Fallon originally studied Politics and Education at Lancaster University, graduating with honours in 1985. Having chosen a career in informal education, she has worked for the Youth and Community Service in West Lancs ever since. Whilst working in this capacity, she occupied a wide variety of roles, though underpinning of all her work was her belief in the importance of relationships with the people she worked amongst. It was not, therefore, a huge leap to be drawn into person centred counselling. To enable this Julie trained in Wigan, graduating with a level 3 qualification in 1999. Whilst working for the Youth service Julie has been involved in Child Protection training, management training and also holds a diploma in counselling and non line management supervision. Shortly after graduating she established and developed a private counselling practice.

The initial idea for setting up an agency arose from a series of conversations with Headteachers responsible for secondary, special schools and learning support centres. Their ongoing concern was with a relatively small but highly challenging number of young people, whose personal barriers to learning dramatically influenced not only their progress in class but frequently disrupted the learning of others. The most frustrating element in all this was that the schools themselves frequently lacked the resources and necessary expertise to be able to address pupils’ difficulties. As a result, their behaviour deteriorated and the relationship between school and the child became largely punitive; the school was left with little option other than to punish or exclude. The role of the counsellor in this situation was often to mediate between the two parties, and to re-establish lines of trust. There were many other roles that counsellors were called upon to fulfil, and it required flexibility and solid grounding in interpersonal skills to do so.


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