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Message from the director

Hello and welcome to the training element of Teenagecounselling, a counselling consultancy which places counsellors in educational settings, established in 2000.  My background is a B.A. (Hons) in educational studies and more than 20 years experience as a youth and community worker, school counsellor and running a private practice, and as a supervisor for counsellors working with teenagers.

N.B. As a response to the current financial constraints placed upon schools, we have chosen to offer bespoke training packages tailor made for the specific establishment to be delivered in-house to any number of teaching or non-teaching staff, i.e. from 2 Learning Mentors / Teaching Assistants to a full staff team.

Currently our prices do not exceed £35 per hour + VAT. Travel will need to be negotiated depending on the distance covered.

Who are the workshops suitable for?

The workshops are suitable for anyone working in the field of young people: Counsellors, School Counsellors, Trainee Counsellors, Mentors, Connexions and Youth and Community workers, Support Workers, Teaching Staff, YOT, Police, Hospital, Prison, NHS and Social Services staff. Indeed anyone who is either involved with the day to day issues that face teenagers or would like to explore working with young people and extend their skills in doing so.

Current Training packages

  • Working with Teenagers around Sexual Health & Pregnancy
  • Understanding Attachment difficulties in Teenagers
  • Building Self Belief & Confidence in Teenagers
  • Best Practice for counselling in Secondary Schools
  • How to use Story Telling & Metaphor in work with Teenagers
  • Understanding Resilience & how to build it in Teenagers
  • Use of Relaxation & guided imagery with teenagers                                     
  • Developing a Peer Mentoring project in Secondary Schools
  • Developing a Peer Counselling Service in Secondary Schools
  • Dealing with Stress & Anxiety in Teenagers
  • How to deal with Anger Management in Teenagers
  • Techniques for greater Communication & Assertiveness in teenagers
  • Techniques for dealing effectively with Bullying & friendship issues in teenagers
  • Working with Teenagers who Self Harm
  • Understanding TA (Transactional Analysis) & how to use it with teenagers
  • Using Sand Tray therapy with teenagers
  • Using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with teenagers
  • Effective techniques for raising Self Esteem in teenagers
  • Understanding Eating Disorders in teenagers
  • Exploring Spiritual development in teenagers
  • Working with Parents: a Systemic Approach
  • Effective techniques for working with Bereavement & Loss in teenagers
  • Understanding and Applying Emotional Intelligence
  • Using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with teenagers
  • Understanding ADHD/ADD & how to work effectively with the condition.
  • Working with drugs / alcohol issues with teenagers
  • Developing stress management techniques for teenagers
  • Developing study skills and reducing exam stress for students
  • Exploring transitional work (Year 6-7, Year 11-12)
  • Basic brief therapy & how it applies to teenagers
  • Developing goal setting/motivational techniques with teenagers
  • Understanding working with looked after children
  • Understanding working with young carers
  • Working with trauma in teenagers
  • Understanding and working with attachment difficulties in teenagers
  • Basic art therapy
  • Basic drama therapy
  • Basic play therapy
  • Basic skills in restoratative justice and mediation with teenagers
  • Understanding depression in teenagers
  • Developing social skills in teenagers
  • Skills for running parenting groups

Workshop Benefits

At Teenage Counselling we believe in the importance and effectiveness of counselling adolescents - it is all we do! We believe that counselling can offer young people a meaningful, honest, non-judgemental, respectful and confidential relationship when sometimes they don't have one anywhere else. We believe it can offer them encouragement, guidance, information, support and advocacy, all of which are crucial to the healthy development of young people. The therapeutic balance is difficult with young people and sometimes you only get one chance - that is why we also believe that the quality of training and supervision that underpins this work is also vital to its success.

These workshops grew out of our own in-house training provision at Teenagecounselling, when we decided we wanted to share our experience, expertise, knowledge and relaxed networking style of training with a wider audience.

We aim to create an easy-going atmosphere - a genuine opportunity to absorb and explore current issues.  We know you are already informed and experienced and we want to enhance that, not either bombard you with fast-paced note-taking information nor leave you feeling "Well there was nothing new there".  Rather we believe that there is a balance which consists of opportunities throughout the day to share and network, find out about a current theory, explore your own personal attitudes to the topic, and learnt relevant tips.  We work very hard to get that balance right.We really know our stuff.  Thank you for your interest.


“Excellent workshop, well paced and humorous, I loved the exercises and I will definitely use them in practice. – Bereavement & Loss June 2008

“Very friendly, approachable, welcoming and useful”
. – Bullying Workshop June 2008

 “Great informative day, lots covered & great trainers also!”
– Eating Disorders June 2008     
“Super course, plenty of materials to use straight away with our own students.  We got so much really good stuff in the time we were there not like other trainers who are quick to pack things up” 
- Sand play therapy – July 2008

“Thanks so much, an inspirational Day”
- Self Esteem June 2007

Email info@teenagecounselling.co.uk
Marshlands House - 348 Ormskirk Rd - Wigan - Lancs - WN5 9DD
Tel 01942 519248